About Us

The Prostate Cancer Free Foundation, formerly the Prostate Cancer Treatment Research Foundation, was established in November 2010. The Foundation works to help people interested in, and affected by prostate cancer through education and research. The Foundation is supported by the members of the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group, an international team of experts in the field of prostate cancer.

Mission Statement:

The primary goal of the foundation is to help people make better decisions about prostate cancer treatment.

We accomplish this goal by supporting and promoting educational resources relevant to prostate cancer treatment such as the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group and the PCa Commentary by making their results readily available to patients, and the groups that support them, and to medical professionals, as they seek to provide the best care for their patients.

Guiding Principles:

As we go about this work the Foundation strives to:

  • Create a great organization, one that people are proud to join.
  • Show the utmost respect to those that create the content that we provide.
  • Display, and work from, a spirit of generosity.
  • Create an open, inclusive organization.
  • Operate with professionalism.
  • Challenge good ideas and work as a team to turn them into great ideas.

The foundation’s major work is coordinating and supporting the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group or PCRSG. The PCRSG efforts are directed to evaluating the comparative effectiveness of modern prostate cancer treatments. The  task of the group is to find comparable studies and present these studies and outcomes in an easily understandable form to interested parties.  This ongoing study is breaking new ground in a few different ways:

  • It is the first effort to present all of the data in one clear graphical form.
  • It is constantly being updated.
  • It is provided semi-annually, to large network of patients, loved ones, and physicians around the world.

This effort is unprecedented in medical literature.  We believe this work will be used as a standard reference as patients, their families and physicians look to determine appropriate options for prostate cancer therapy.



  • Board Members
    • R. Alex Hsi, M.D.
    • Teresa Swenson
    • Dean Dubinsky
  • Research Coordinator
    • Lisa Grimm


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