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Which Treatments are Most Successful

Which prostate cancer treatments are most likely to keep cancer away for five, ten, even fifteen years. Doctors monitored the PSA of thousands of patients showing which patients remained Prostate Cancer Free.

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With a donation of your choosing, you will receive a link to the Study. The Study is delivered in a thirty-plus page PDF file, that you can view, print or download to your computer. The file provides an overview of:


  1. Prostate Cancer Free Foundation
  2. Problem: Stop Cancer Recurrence
  3. Solution: Find the Best Treatment
  4. Thirty Six Member Study Group
  5. Treatment Success vs Failure
  6. Medical Article Review Process
  7. Criteria for Article Inclusion
  8. Interpretation of Treatment Comparisons
  9. Prostate Cancer Risk Group Definitions
  10. Reading the Interactive Graphs
  11. Study Observations
  12. Recommendations
This effort is unprecedented in medical literature.  We believe this work will be used as a standard reference as patients, their families and physicians look to determine appropriate options for prostate cancer therapy. Dr. Peter Grimm

Founder, Prostate Cancer Research Study Group

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Compare treatment outcomes, discuss with your family and Doctor. 

See the OUTCOMES of PROSTATE CANCER PATIENTS, just like you, across the different treatments. Which of those treatments are the most successful? Thanks to the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group, an international team of doctors, specializing in prostate cancer, you can have the knowledge summarized in one easy to read PDF. This up to date research spans treatment of more than 100,000 patients over more than 15 years. The research covers the most common treatments for low, intermediate and high risk prostate cancer patients.

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Prostate Cancer Study

R. Alex Hsi, M.D. describes a tool to compare the effectiveness of different treatments for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. This tool is based on a study performed by the Prostate Cancer Results Study Group, who analyzed the treatment outcomes of over 100,000 patients across the globe, following these patients for up to 15 years. GET YOUR COPY OF THE STUDY.

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