Dr. Jos J. Immerzeel

Dr. Jos Immerzeel’s career as a Radiation Oncologist dates back to his registration in 1981, after which he served with several Radiation Oncology organizations in The Netherlands, in two of them also as managing director.

Jos J. Immerzeel was the founder in 2009 of “De ProstaatKliniek”, a web-based information and consulting “virtual clinic” in The Netherlands. He left this organisation in 2013 and started at the “Men’s Health Institutes” with prof F. Debruyne (Director) the “Center for Precision Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer”.
Instead of the (general used) systematic biopsies if there is any suspicion for prostate cancer they made a new protocol: “mp-MRI-First” and when MRI shows any suspicious area followed by “Transperineal MR-TRUS-Fusion-biopsy” under Local Anaestesia: from 2016-2018 he performed >800 biopsy-procedures with high prostate cancer detection rates (> 80%) and no infections/urosepsis without use of antibiotics.

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