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Big Dangers when it comes to Pain management

When it comes to “pain management”, most people automatically think of over the counter medications.  They take the prescribed dose, the medication goes to work, and the pain is managed; often times it is short-lived, and they can move on from it.  But, for many...

Actor Stephen Fry reveals he has prostate cancer

Last week, Actor Stephen Fry revealed that for the past few months, he has been battling prostate cancer.  Fry credits early detection: "I felt my life was saved by early intervention so I would urge any of you men of a certain age to get your PSA levels checked." ...

Recurrence Anxiety Strikes Unexpectedly

The fear of recurrence weighs heavily on the minds of every cancer survivor, some more than others.  For some it can be an overwhelming fear experienced on a daily basis, and for others, less frequent.  For many patients, recurrence anxiety strikes most often around...

Dealing With Depression When You Have Cancer

Addressing depression in cancer patients is a vital part of the care provided by healthcare providers. In some cases, healthcare providers should be doing a better job in asking patients going through cancer treatment about their emotional health, and to encourage...

Tips for meeting with your doctor

Before you meet with your doctor for the first time, it’s a good idea to formulate a list of questions you want answered.  Be sure to write them down, so you don’t forget to ask any of them.  Also, bring someone along for moral support.  Having them there will help...

FAQ’s to Help Overcome Your Fears of a Prostate Biopsy

Your Urologist felt a “suspicious lump” and wants to schedule you for a prostate biopsy.  Two emotions come to the forefront….anxiety and fear.  The source of these emotions are from the unknown- not knowing what expect during the procedure and not wanting to know the...

Prostate Cancer: It’s Not Just an Old Man’s Disease

While a man’s risk of prostate cancer does increase with age, men in their 40’s and 50’s are still diagnosed, affecting some men as young as 30 with this disease. You can read the entire article here: "Prostate Cancer: It's Not Just an Old Man's Disease" Certain...

PCa Commentary

Expert Commentary On The Latest Prostate Cancer Topics

Written by Dr. Ed Weber

PCa Commentary is a well-researched, clearly presented commentary targeted to medical providers and others interested in current prostate cancer treatment. Each PCa Commentary edition offers an analysis of new developments in the field of prostate cancer with essays discussing and evaluating treatment management options for this disease.


RADIOLIGAND THERAPY IS FOR REAL — and as the technique is further developed it will assume an important role in the treatment of advanced prostate cancer. This article has benefited from review and comments by Dr. Scott Tarawa, Associate Professor Clinical Medicine,...


Prostate Cancer

What is Prostate Cancer?

What is Prostate Cancer, the Symptoms, Risk Factors? What does the Prostate do, where is it located?

Prostate Cancer Tests and Diagnostics

Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer?

What tests confirm the presence of prostate cancer? Learn how doctors diagnose prostate cancer.

Prostate Cancer Treatments

Treating Prostate Cancer.

Patients have options when it comes to the prostate cancer treatments. Learn about your options.

Which Treatments Are Most Successful

Which TREATMENTS are most likely to leave patients PROSTATE CANCER FREE?  Testing PSA  levels in thousands of patients for years following treatment, identifies which are most effective.  See which course of therapy worked best for patients with low to high risk cancer.   Get your copy of the study to discuss with your family and Doctor.

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