Prostate Cancer Patient Work Sheet

Once diagnosed with prostate cancer, prostate cancer patients can experience a range of treatment options and results. The number of options and outcomes will increase the more advanced the prostate cancer. The probability increases that the cancer is no longer localized, or has spread beyond of the prostate, the more advanced the prostate cancer.

When selecting a course of action, consultations are recommended with a urologist, (surgeon), radiation oncologist, (perhaps one skilled in brachytherapy) and medical oncologist. Different treatments have different results and side effects. Take the time to understand the impact each treatment on your prostate cancer. Learn the impact on your quality of life after treatment, especially related to incontinence and impotence. During your consultation with each specialist, ask for their treatment recommendation. What will be the probability of prostate cancer free life after treatment?

Prostate Cancer Worksheet

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What is Prostate Cancer?

Do you have questions about Prostate Cancer? Do you know the Symptoms? The Causes? Has someone you know expressed concern that they might have Prostate Cancer?

Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer?

Recently diagnosed patients and families should do all they can to learn about the tests and treatment options in the fight against prostate cancer.

Treating Prostate Cancer.

Most patients have options when it comes to the treatment of prostate cancer. Learn about your prostate cancer treatment options.

Explore Common Prostate Cancer Terms

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