Prostate Cancer Risk Factors

What Are The Odds You Will Get Prostate Cancer

One man in six will get prostate cancer. But who and why? What makes a man predisposed to prostate cancer, while others are never diagnosed? Having a Risk Factor does not mean you will get prostate cancer. But it does mean your chances may be higher than others.

Prostate Cancer Risk Factors

Research shows that men with certain risk factors are more likely to develop prostate cancer. These risk factors include the following:

  • Age over 65 – this is the main risk factor for prostate cancer. The older a man gets, the more likely he will develop prostate cancer. This disease is rare in men under 45 years of age.
  • Family History – one’s risk of prostate cancer is higher if you have a father, brother or son with prostate cancer.
  • Race – prostate cancer is more common among African American men and less common among Asian/Pacific Islanders, Native American and Native Alaskan men.
  • Certain Prostate Changes – men with cells called high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN) may be at increased risk for prostate cancer.
  • Certain Genome Changes – research suggests that the risk for prostate cancer many be linked to specific changes on particular chromosomes.

Having a risk factor does not mean that one will develop prostate cancer. Most men with any of the above risk factors will still never develop this disease.

Prostate Cancer Free

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